Tea Time Tuesday: Oatmeal

I’ve decided to add a cool theme to my blog called Tea Time Tuesday where I share some of the coolest teas in the world and ways that you can use them that don’t involve mugs! Today I’m going to show you an awesome low sugar, fiber filled, energy sustaining oatmeal made with two different types of tea!!!

**Disclaimer: I sell some of the products mentioned in this article. Please consider supporting me and my family if anything sounds good to you.**

Let’s Get Started

Here’s What You Need:

1 Cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk
1/2 Cup of Old Fashioned Oats
4 tsp of Bubbly Tea by Sipology (I used Bubbly Blueberry)
1/2 tsp of Matcha by Sipology (I used unsweetened vanilla)
Swerve Granulated Sugar and Brown Sugar, to taste
Blueberries, or any time of fresh fruit

Lilly’s Semi-Sweet Style Baking Chips
Keto Nut Mix, or a seed/nut combo

Start boiling water for your Bubbly Tea. It takes 10 minutes to get a good brew on this type of tea, so you’ll want to start this first.

Put a Cup of Tea spoonful in a mug, or else you’ll forget… trust me. Just do it.

Add a 1/4 of a cup of your boiling water and let this tea brew right in the mug. Now, lets make our oatmeal.

Put your almond milk (or milk of choice) on the stove on Medium heat and let it start to boil. One of the cool things with almond milk is that it doesn’t form a film on top or on bottom, so constantly stirring it isn’t necessary.

While it’s getting warm, whisk in your matcha. You want to whisk it vigorously in order to make sure that the matcha gets incorporated in the milk and doesn’t leave lumps.

Add your oats and stir.

While it’s boiling I add in my Swerve Granulated Sugar. I just used my Cup of Tea spoon, but you can use how much you want. I like mine sweeter than most people.

I then let it simmer for a little bit with the top on.


While I let my oatmeal sit and get thick, I make the kiddos breakfast. Today I only have three of the four, so yay me!! They’re having scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, and 1/2 an English Muffin… lets go!!!

Melt a tbls of butter in your pan.

Whisk your eggs!! Really whisk them!! I mean, take all that frustration of having all three kiddos around your legs while you’re trying to cook and talking about things you won’t remotely understand out on your eggs. You want them to be a pale yellow.

I add a splash of milk in my eggs to help them fluff… come at me Gordon Ramsey. Everyone loves my eggs.

Pour in your eggs when the butter is melted enough to cover the bottom of the pan.

Throw some salt and pepper in there.

Mix it together… aka scramble those eggs!!!

When your eggs look runny but firm, throw a little bit of cheese in there. You don’t want too much, constipation is a real thing, especially in littles. Just enough to make it taste good.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a great breakfast for your littles. You got your protein, your fiber, and your carbs!!

Not Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Your tea should be brewed and ready!!! The Bubbly Blueberry smells so good!!!

Now, you most likely have the best warm and thick oatmeal ever!! The green color is different, but it smells phenomenal! Top it the way you want: I used blueberries, my Bubbly Blueberry Tea, Swerve Brown Sugar, Lilly’s Semi-sweet Baking Chips, cinnamon, Keto Nut Mix, and a sprinkling of Swerve Granulated Sugar.

So wait, Lissie, why the heck are we putting Bubbly Tea and Matcha in our oatmeal??

Wow, I’m so glad you asked!!! Here’s why:

Bubbly Tea: “We combined real fruit and basil seeds to give you a healthy Bubble Tea experience at only 30-70 calories per cup! Basil seeds are full of nutrients and contain filling fiber which helps you feel full and may support your gut health. Basil seeds are neutral in flavour but expand and become gelatinous in water – just like tapioca pearls!” https://www.sipology.com/eventshare/P28372/?u=MorrBrews <—– Want more info?? Check them out, here!!!

Matcha: High in antioxidents, gives sustainable energy, enhances mood, boosts immune system, stimulates metabolism, detoxifies, boosts concentration, improves skin, lowers cholesterol, and can help prevent cancer*!!! I know that matcha gives me more energy than coffee does for a longer time.

Sipology says: “Our matcha is specially formulated to work as a hot or cold drink. You can also sprinkle it into your smoothies, cereal, oatmeal, or yogurt for an added boost of antioxidants and energy. Tested and verified to be radiation free.”

*I’m not a doctor, nor do I possess any medical training, I only know what I know from research.

I hope that you try this!! It was so sweet without a ton of sugar and FILLED with fiber that helps keep us fuller longer.

Let me know what you think!!!

With Light and Love,


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