Burn Out

So I’m in day 3 of this Homemaker/Housewife journey and I am already burnt out. My feet hurt, my legs are tired, and I’m mentally exhausted. Touched out, for sure.

I wanted to share my routine with you, because I know you’re all just DYING to see it. Sometimes I think I’m dumb for even thinking people read this blog. And then I get on to post and *voila* I’ve had a view. I’m forever grateful for them, by the way.

So, without further ado, here’s my daily routine… so far.

5:30 AM: Alarm goes off, I lay in bed contemplating my life and why I was so excited to do this in the first place.

  • I wash my face and get dressed. I think down the line I’ll actually wear cute clothes and care about what I’m putting on, but for now just be happy that I’m wearing clothes and not pajamas or sweatpants with holes in them.
  • I go downstairs and put the kettle on the stove, throw an english muffin or toast in the toaster, take my meds, and further contemplate why this is necessary.
  • I make my tea and eat my 1st breakfast (I’m secretly a hobbit) whilst doing my devotions. My mood starts to get better. Jesus is a miracle worker, I tell you what.
  • By this time its usually around 6:45 AM and I make my way back upstairs to check on my toddler. She’s usually awake between 6:30 AM and 7:00 AM. If she’s awake, I go into her room, change her diaper, get some morning cuddles, and then make sure her room is cleaned up.
  • She gets dressed for school and we head downstairs. I usually like being downstairs between 7:15 AM and 7:20 AM.
  • Breakfast for her is usually some yogurt and fruit because she gets free meals at school right now. If we don’t have school, I’ll make some eggs or pancakes.
  • We leave for school at 8:00 AM and I usually return home at 9:00 AM
  • When I get home I unload the dishwasher (if it was run the night before), clean up the dishes from breakfast, wipe down all the counters and the stove, and sweep the entry way and kitchen. I’m currently obsessed with the “Pink Stuff” cleaning line, by the way.
  • Once that’s done it’s time to throw in a load of laundry and do my daily chore.
    • Monday: Georgia’s Laundry and Sheets
    • Tuesday: Deep Clean Oven and Fridge (I forgot to do this today… so there’s that)
    • Wednesday: Mop Floors
    • Thursday: Wash Windows
    • Friday: Downstairs Bathroom
    • Saturday: Upstairs Bathroom
    • Sunday: Bedroom
  • Georgia gets picked up from school at 11:45 AM and then we go to a park. She usually naps better when we get some outside play before coming home. We don’t play in the rain.
  • Naptime is at 1:00 PM and that’s also lunchtime for me and my husband. George usually wakes up around 1 because he works overnights.
  • I usually will either finish up my chores or work on the blog and Sipology things while Georgia naps. We are trying not to watch TV in our downtime, but it’s hard when you’re tired and just want to sit and do nothing.
  • Georgia will wake up between 3 PM and 4 PM, so depending on that time I’ll either give her a small snack and take her outside or I’ll let her play with her sensory bin /color/playdough while I start making dinner.
  • We like to eat between 4:30 PM and 5:00 PM. Then it’s playtime for Georgia and 1×1 time with daddy until he leaves at 6:00 PM. Mama does the dishes and wipes the counters and stove and sweeps… again.
  • We then usually let Georgia watch some TV until either bath time or bedtime, depending on what day it is. She doesn’t get a bath every night.
  • Then it’s brush teeth, change into PJs, read 3 books (yes, there’s a limit), sing a couple of songs, and into bed she goes. No matter what time she wakes up from her nap, she’s in bed no later than 8:15 PM. Usually it’s closer to 7:00 PM because she’s been refusing naps.
  • Then mama gets some time to herself. I’ll usually scroll Facebook or watch a show.
  • I get a shower every night at 9:00 PM. It helps me wind down for the night. I’ve started oil pulling while in the shower, and it’s interesting. I’ll get into that later.
  • Out of the shower I brush my teeth, moisturize, cream my dry skin, take some melatonin, and turn on my sleep music. I’m electronic free and attempting sleep by 10:00 PM.

So there you have it. A busy busy day for this Stay at Home Mom! It’s been rewarding, even though I feel so tired. I love serving my family in this way and I feel like I’ve accomplished something. The hardest part about it has been explaining to my husband that I don’t want his help. I don’t need it. He always says that he “feels like a bad husband” because he doesn’t help me. But I keep reminding him that his job is to bring home the money and my job is to make sure he has a nice, safe, drama free home to come to.

It’s an adjustment, but I’m really enjoying it. Day 3 is done, I’m ready for bed. Thanks for stopping by!!

With Light and Love,

Eli Morr


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