75 Hard: Day 1-7

I started a new “program” this week called 75 Hard. It’s pretty intense but I’ve actually enjoyed myself!!

Here’s the breakdown of what’s required of you:

So, it seems like it could be really impossible, and I won’t lie and say that it was easy… because it hasn’t been. But it’s amazing how easy it is to make time for things that you know you need to do. I have to be completely honest: I’m not doing 45 min workouts. Not this week at least. I didn’t want to hurt myself by jumping into two 45 minute workouts. So i’ve been doing two 30 minute workouts. However, starting Monday the 29th, I’ll be moving my workouts to 45 minutes.

I’m following the 2B Mindset nutritional plan from Beachbody as well as doing the Morning Meltdown 100 workout for my inside workout. For my outside workouts, I’m walking/jogging in my neighborhood or at the park. Let me tell you, day 3 was difficult. It was raining SO HARD!!!! But I had to go outside and do it… it was rejuvenating. I was cursing the very ground I was walking on when I first started, but towards the end I was having a lot of fun!!! I was channelling my inner child and running through the massive puddles.

For awhile, the biggest issue I was facing was what people were thinking when they saw a fat girl “run”. I was super afraid of being laughed at or being made fun of for being fat and working out. Stupid, I know. But the whole point of this challenge is to strengthen your mental well being and helping you become stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally… and for me, spiritually! It’s been an amazing journey so far and I’m super excited for the next 68 days!!!

Have I seen results already??

You betcha!!! When I started on Monday I was 262.6 pounds. Today when I stepped on the scale I was 257.1 pounds!!!! 5.5 pounds lost already!!! Not just that, but before I was doing this challenge my blood sugar numbers where well over 200. Now, they’re between 130 and 150. That’s HUGE for me!!! I’ll post my progress picture below, but I’m not super happy about it!!! No judgement, my rooms a bit of a mess:

Not much of a visual change, but the mental change is there!!

Has anyone else tried the 75 Hard Challenge? Let me know in the comments what you think!!! It’s not too late to start your own 75 Hard Challenge!!! If you want to come along on this journey with me, let me know!!! I would love to help encourage you.

You can do anything you set your mind too… even the hard things!!!

Your biggest challenge is to show up when your mind is making the best excuses. Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you.


With Light and Love,



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