Thankful and Grateful

Family is the most important part of my life. They have supported me and been there when it felt like no one else was. God has blessed me with such an amazing family I can’t begin to put into words how blessed I am.

Incredibly grateful for the friends that have stuck with me since the beginning. Been friends with these girls since high school!!! Through weddings, babies, and all the losses and hard times these girls have been there through it all!!

I am grateful for the Cross. I’m so thankful for the mercy that Jesus Christ has shown me. I am unworthy of His salvation, but he sees me as the worthy recipient of this love, grace, and mercy.

I’m also thankful for you. Those who read my blog and look past the glaring grammar issues and my lame attempts at being funny. Who encourage me to keep posting, even when I don’t feel like it. Thank you for the comments and follows and likes. I appreciate you all!!!

I did things a little different this week seeing as Thursday is Thanksgiving and I’ll be making my last pumpkin recipe on Wednesday. I’m also starting a self care challenge on Tuesday, December 1st. This includes a daily verse to journal, a weekly checklist to help us focus on self care through the month of December, and daily encouragement!! It costs nothing and there’s no obligation to sign up. Just drop your email below and I’ll add you to the email blasts!!

Thank you for dropping in today and allowing me to be cheesy and talk about what I’m thankful for!!

With Light and Love,


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