Care or Escape

Self care is our topic on this wonderful Sunday. Its the first of November and I am beyond ready for Christmas. What is it about the lights, the carols, and the trees that just calms your soul? I don’t even let myself get stressed over gifts because who doesn’t just love a gift?? Maybe there’s some people who are super stuck up about getting certain gifts, but not me. The fact you thought about me at all means the world to me.

But I digress.

Last Sunday we talked about the importance of self care and my personal nighttime routine on Saturdays. A lot of times we think about self care as face masks and spa days and actually shaving your legs. But it can be so much more!! Did you know, allowing yourself time to enjoy a movie or a TV show you’ve been wanting to see can be self care.


What we think is self care, could actually be our way of escaping something. Binge watching something may be more of us trying to find a way to forget about something that is bother us, stressing us out, or causing us anxiety. So instead of meeting the problem head on we escape into a TV show or movie. But this isn’t healthy and its the opposite of self care.

Allowing yourself time to relax and unwind by watching a movie is one thing. It can be good and refreshing for our souls. Time without distractions and responsibilities is good to calm our minds and help us rest from the craziness of our already stressed out days. It’s a form of self care that we might not think about.

If there’s something that’s causing you stress or anxiety and you decide to binge watch the new season of “Haunting of Bly Manor” instead of fixing it, you’re causing yourself more harm. You’re not allowing yourself to fix it, which means that the stress and anxiety is still going to be there even if you “forget” about it for a few hours. It’s not healthy and we definitely need to stop that harmful thought process. Your mental health needs you to meet that stressful situation head on. Putting it off will cause more harm than good. Take it from someone who is queen of not doing that… it makes it worse and leads to hysterical crying in the shower while you’re trying to hide from that situation.

What have you been running from that needs to be met head on? What are you putting off that you need to address? What’s causing you stress and anxiety? Accept that it’s there and pull your big girl pants up and just crush it. It’s not going anywhere and watching “Gilmore Girls” for the 17th time isn’t going to fix it.

Let me know how I can pray for you. So grateful for all the support you’ve given me!!

With Light and Love,



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